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1988 DVD cover

Seburo CX

A resin replica of the Seburo C-X, built on the frame of a Walther PPK/S airgun.

The Seburo Compact-eXploder (more commonly referred to as the Seburo C-X), is a blowback-operated, magazine fed automatic long handgun. Very similar to the Bobson in overall proportions and design, the C-X is different obviously due to the extended slide on the top of the weapon, but also in how the bullets are fed to the weapon's firing chamber, or barrel.

In a similar fashion to the Fabrique-Nationale P90 personal defense weapon, the C-X uses a long magazine that holds the rounds perpendicular for maximum capacity, then spins each of them 90 degrees to align with the muzzle as they are fed in sequence. Because of the length of the weapon, the C-X also exhibits satisfactory precision over long ranges, similar to a rifle.

Compact-eXploders are seen sometimes in the original manga series, as well as in the 2004 CGI movie.

HANDGUNS: Bobson Centennial · CX · "Woodpecker" · Gava
SUBMACHINEGUNS: MN-23 · M-23 · Cento-Master
RIFLES: Enigma

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