Operation Benandanti is the code name for an Olympus ES.W.A.T. strike which took place in Paris, aimed at pre-emptively disrupting narcotic trade between France and Imperial Americana, while also asserting Olympuses' global law enforcement powers. The operation, which takes place during the events depicted in Appleseed Book Three (the Scales of Prometheus) also liberated a large group of human slaves being traded by top-ranking French politicians as a bizarre type of luxury goods.

Benandanti is a name derived from European folklore. As per author Shirow Masamune: "Taken from an ancient Eastern European legend. The name of those whose spirits set forth at the turn of the season to battle those who walk the path of evil. There is a bumper harvest when the benandanti win, and famine if they lose." [1]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Masamune, S. Appleseed Book Three, The Scales of Prometheus. Pg. 79, footnote.

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