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English Language TrailersEdit

Appleseed 1988:



Appleseed (2004)



Appleseed Ex Machina (2007)

(Warner Brothers)


Japanese Language TrailersEdit

Appleseed (2004)

(Japanese Dub)


Appleseed XIII (2011)

(Japanese Dub)



Appleseed (2004)

The introduction (contains violence)


Anime Music VideosEdit

Featuring Bahram Attack by LEDLIGHT 450px|center
Featuring New Day by Tilt, remixed by Boomjinx 450px|center

Downloadable SamplesEdit

Four QuickTime files that can be downloaded to your computer, featuring scenes from Appleseed 2004.

Rare downloadable audioEdit

Bahram Attack, by L.E.D. (also known as LEDLIGHT) with vocals from "June." Not actually from Appleseed, it was featured in one of the embedded music videos above. The lyrics name most of the classical Greek deities, a few which were used for character names in the franchise. Composed specifically for a Japanese arcade game known as Beatmania (the pioneer to DJ Hero), it can be found on an ultra-rare import compilation CD called IIDX 16 Empress.

Good Luck (Brazilian Undercover Remix) by Basement Jaxx. The opening theme for the 2004 episode, this is an unofficial (?) remix that is not available for purchase on major music websites. Almost seven minutes long, featuring repeated use of the orchestral motif that begins the original track.

Please note, is not liable for virus transmissions from these links. Also, please support the artists by purchasing these music tracks if and when this is possible.

Official Wallpaper ImagesEdit

From the official Japanese Ex Machina wallpaper series. 1280 X 1024 resolution.

Deunan and Briareos

Deunan - Moto


Official Wallpaper ImagesEdit

Our own official wallpaper series, exclusive to this website. 1280 X 800 resolution, widescreen.

Deunan in Orbit

Briareos in Transit

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