Kotus is a character in the manga versions of Appleseed.

Kotus is a heavy robot who takes part in some ES.W.A.T operations. His fist mission show lacks in his AI, as he killed a prisoner, but not just killed him, but reduced him in a pile of flesh, blood and bones, showing that the AI isn't adapted to Kotus's strengh. Kotus is not a heavy robot for nothing. On his last mission, betraying Briareos and Dunan because, as a robot, he fell under GAIA's control (while Dunan and Briareos had to destroy/stop GAIA before something really bad happen) and ended up fighting Briareos. Kotus is destroyed in the fight, a'd Briareos sustzined light surface damages (he lost the little plate on top of his head), and moderate internal damage to his artificial parts. (He isn't anymore able tu self auto adjust his eyelens and need Hitomi's help.) Well, this result could show that Kotus has been strongly beated by Briareos, but it isn't. Kotus gave a hard time to briareos, and we need to remember that Briareos's hécatonchyres model of cyborg is known as the best cyborg body for combat.

Pending assistance and correction in updating this page. (English isn't good friend of french guys)

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