1988 DVD cover

1988 (Japan) 1989 (USA)
97 minutes
Not Rated
VHS cassette, DVD
Urban Combat in the City Of Dreams

The 1988 OVA film more or less assumes that the viewer has already read the Appleseed manga, and therefore begins right in the middle of Olympian life, with little in the way of an explanation why the city exists, why the rest of the world is in ruins, who the protagonists are, and why half of the metropolises' population are Bioroids.

It was more or less the finale of the series, even though a final chapter of the manga was published the year after, and two supplemental books in the early 90s.


Following his wife's suicide, police officer Calon Mauthos begins to hate the utopia he lives in, blaming the lack of creative freedom for the death of his spouse, and conspires with known terrorist A.J. Sebastian in a plan to destroy the Legislature of the Central Management Bureau, bringing anarchy to the city. Sebastian's motives, however, are slightly more encompassing than just political malcontent, and involves a genocidal hatred for the Bioroids.

When Mauthos turns renegade, and the first signs of the coup against the CMB are noticed, ESWAT is quickly deployed to combat the activities, featuring operative Deunan Knute and her cyborg wingman Briareos Hecatonchires.





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